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Janelle Monae – The Chase II & III: The Arch Android by Noggy
November 26, 2009, 9:54 pm
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Janelle Monae…if you don’t know her by now it ‘s  about time to get you up to speed.

Janelle Monae happens to be this very gifted and if you ask me extremely crazy hot singer/producer and when I say crazy I most definitely mean totally nuts!!

Why? On her website and almost anywhere else she is introduced as the girl from another planet and she seems to be very serious about that. After being featured on the soundtrack of Idlewild (album and movie by Outkast) she released the first of an originally planned four Metropolis installments, or suites, an EP entitled The Chase suite I in 2007 . Inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1927 science fiction classic, Metropolis. is the first of four planned releases designed as easily processible EPs detailing the life of a rebellious soul-equipped android by the name of Cindi Mayweather who risks disassembly by falling in love with a human. This all takes place in the year 2719 and believe it or not P. Diddy seemed to like all of this so much he signed her to Bad Boy records and re-released The Chase Suite I  in 2008.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because The Chase suite  II and III will be released in early 2010 as a whole CD. This particular project is called the Ark Android and is about Cindi Mayweather discovering her super powers and did I already mention her probably being totally nuts!!

Nevertheless the madness doesn’t effect her creativity because when you get rid of the whole android – concept what is left is a new wave, punk rock, soulful and very alternative collection of tunes which sound really good. Anyways just check her out.

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