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Introducing Jay Electronica!! by Noggy
January 27, 2010, 9:42 am
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Eventhough I am sure that this man doesn’t have to be introduced to most of you. I am gonna do it anyway…cause I wanna make sure that everybody knows about  the next thing in Hip Hop. His name and music are all over the net and I’ve known about him for a while now. Jay Electronica’s rappin was dope…but I have to admit that to me….he was just Erykah Badu’s third baby daddy untill I laid my eyes on this….

This short clip…made me want to keep an eye on this man. It is actually a promo for a film/music project The Dogon Society directed by Jason Goldwatch of Decon. Eventhough it reminded me of a very short video he did for Dear Moleskine this one seems more Epic and I will keep you posted…

Since I stand corrected and realize that Mr. Electronica  is about so much more…I thought it was best to inform ya’ll about him!!

Afcourse there’s a small possibility that you are watching and reading all of this and thinking…‘man that’s old news!!’  If that is the case than you’re ready to know that he is flying into London to perform at the Jazz Cafe on the 17th and 18th of February 2010!  If London happens to be a bit of a stretch…you can also check  ’em out at The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam on the 19th of February!!

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