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February 11, 2010, 10:43 pm
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Lucky Dragon Productions presents Andy Allo’s first music video of her debut album UnFresh “Hooked.

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waarom deze clip???? haal m eraf please!!!

hebben jullie dat dansje gecheckt, let op die guy met dat blauwe overhemd rechts in beeld


Comment by Nelson de la Space Funk

Hahaha…hoewel ik je volkomen begrijp en je oog voor detail erg bewonder this is probably all Andy Allo could afford at this particular time in her career. Dus mijn advies sluit je ogen and just let it be about the music doe ik ook!!

Want zeg eerlijk het liedje is stiekem toch best een beetje flex?!

Comment by Noggy

[…] you are not familiar yet, let me enlighten you. The first time I posted Andy Allo must have been in February of 2010 . The songstress from Cameroon had just released her debut “Unfresh” and her first […]

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