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May 2, 2010, 11:11 pm
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1. M Sta Li Ma Bo
2. Afri Ka
3. Dos Eternidade
4. Tente Midj
5. Protegid
6. Dxam Ess Moment
7. Sodade
8. Song For My Father
9. Kem E Bo
10. Magia Ca Tem
11. Decison
12. Mara Marga

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I do not have a clue why I didn’t write about this before because this release has been on repeat for a while now. But the main reason I didn’t mention her was probably the fact that the strangefruitmusicblog features a lot of electronic music, funk, hip hop and soul and even though very jazzy at times Protegid is a typical world music release.

Carmen Souza will tell you all about the creative proces in the video documentary above and better yet you will get a feel of what to expect when you listen to Protegid. An earflattering release that will evoke beatiful and happy emotions.

The main reason you should know about Protegid and the very enchanting Mrs. Souza is that she will be performing and North Sea Jazz on Sunday the 11th of July. Since I already saw her perform this year video material of that beautiful performance is included.

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