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May 8, 2010, 5:09 pm
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The 14th of May is a big day….simply because it’s Strange Fruits’ fifth year anniversary and of course we are going to do what we do best…invite you over to club Watt to party with us!!

Naturally we have a sweet line up which includes Spec Boogie (live), Peanut Butter Wolf (stones throw) & Theo Parrish (sound signature)… We know a lot of you out there already pencilled this gig in and blocked whatever needed to be blocked to be there…if this is you…you can skip this post. This post is for those of you who would really like to be there after you get what you are missing out on…so here we go…

Chris Manak, aka Peanut Butter Wolf, is a DJ, hip-hop producer and the founder of hip-hop label Stones Throw Records.

He took on the name Peanut Butter Wolf in the late-80s when he realized that, in an odd turn of events, a girlfriend’s youngest brother feared the “peanut butter wolf monster” more than death itself. Wolf and his more conventionally-named counterpart, Charizma, began recording in 1989 when the two were still teenagers. Within three years, the duo signed a contract with Hollywood Basic (Disney) alongside label mates Organized Konfusion and DJ Shadow.  When Charizma tragically lost his life in December of 1993. Stunned, Wolf temporarily gave up on music.

In 1996, Peanut Butter Wolf founded Stones Throw Records. Charizma’s posthumous “My World Premiere” was the single to launch the label. A few highlights in the beginning were the songs “Unassisted” by Rasco, Super Duck Breaks LP by DJ Babu, and hip hop 7” series.

Lately, PB Wolf has moved away from producing (save the odd remix or compilation track) to build the Stones Throw label and to travel as a DJ to Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and across the US.

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