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Richie Pits – Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch by strangefruitmusic
May 16, 2010, 11:16 pm
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Borrowed this from: Tropical Bass:

The LP “Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch” (They call me Richy Pitch in Twi) is the fruit of a two-year stay of producer and DJ, Richy Pitch from UK in Ghana, West Africa, a land with amazing musical cultures and traditions.
He recorded with local stars and talent and fused the classic sound of Ghanaian music with his own production skills.

This LP presents different styles of Ghanaian and West African music from Highlife, Hiplife to Afrobeat to traditional percussion music, all combined with a fresh production twist.

It features the cream of Ghanaian music talent including MOBO and MTV Africa winner Samini,Reggie Rockstone, known as the Godfather of Hiplife and talented MC’s such as Wanlov the KubolorM3NSA and M.anifest, and many more inspiring Ghanaian artists.

Since Richy Pitch comes from a Hip Hop background it is just natural that many tracks are Rap tunes: Pidgin Rap with lyrics in English, Twi, Fante and Ga. However this album is more than a just another Hip Hop LP: “Ninsuo” and “Abanaba” both sung by Kwesi Dankwa are true Palmwine Highlife pieces, “Odo Yea” by Gouda is a traditional percussion song, in “Dey Suffer” Yasmeen with her incredibly soulful voice gives a critical statement about the emigration out of Africa, and “Dey Craze” is a very funky kind of Afrobeat Rap tune.
And then there is “We’re Taking Over” that starts like a radio show, turns out to be a Rap tune with DJ Black on the mic, then Samini takes over and does justice to his title as one of Africa’s greatest Dancehall artists and in the end a third beat comes in and it all starts to sound pretty much like Soca!

The LP “Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch” is to be released on BBE Records in June 2010.
It is a versatile LP that gives a great insight to the Ghanaian music scene. It is packed with lots of fine humour, energy and a great fusion of modern and traditional sounds, fat beats and beautiful voices from Ghana that tell the listeners a lot about their live and homeland – and you don’t even have to understand Twi to feel them!
For all those who can’t wait until June, go and get the single “Black Star” feat. M.anifest (see video above) that will already be available in all download stores by the end of April.

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Keep on with the palm wine highlife,that is culture there for gh to see.I was listening to v.o.a and i heard your song which is the fufu’o and i was proud to be a Ghananian,big ups to you.

Comment by Bik joe

Everthing is our culture protecting it.

Comment by Bik joe

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