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August 5, 2010, 2:36 pm
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Damnnnnnnn I’m spoiled. There is so much inexpensive and free music available on the net these days I can hit y’all with several free downloads a day. But since this is Strangefruitmusicblog … we are going to hook you up with the best!!

Sacramento, CA-based hip-hop duo DLRN (formerly Delorean) is comprised of emcee 5th Ave and producer Jon Reyes. There latest free project is available on several blogs but since I enjoyed the Apple Juice Break post the most I would advice you to click here and go and get it.  Our focus however is going to be on their only 5$ release from last year …No more heroes!!  Rumour has it you can download this release for free when you click here. But at the time I’m typing this links on their website are not working like there supposed to. Hopefully links will be working by the time you read this.

So how did I get acquainted?! .. I stumbled upon the video for the track  Dear Langston by accident and when a track that demands to be listened to is accompanied by a video you just have to watch…. that’s when you know you have to do a little research.

Since you can listen to the full release below … I don’t have a lot to add except for the fact that I really dig their flow and I thought y’all should know.

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