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October 16, 2010, 6:42 pm
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Strangefruitmusicblog is obviously about all kinds of music with a very soulful twist and after providing you with everything from grimey electronics to hardcore hiphop …all you jazz loverz can finally exhale.  Cause it’s time to update you on Njam Rosie’s latest release ELLE. Unfortunately I’ve missed every ELLE release party but in this case it turned out to be a good thing, cause I was able to listen to the album without any kind of prejudice. So now I can safely advice jazz loverz around the globe to cop this release. Why?!

ELLE, is a very jazzy mix which happens to be spiced up with either a warm brazilian flow or at times a somewhat african vibe. But it doesn’t really matter what kind of flavour is added to the track … there is always a touch of soul to it. Since this release is very well put together  I am happy to announce it’s a non skipper …meaning that you can press play, sit down, relax and enjoy the very pleasant journey. Apart from the beautiful lyrics and Ntjam Rosie’s soothing vocals a lot of very impressive musical arrangements will be heading your way. I guess it’s safe to say that producers  Nelson & Djosa did a great job.

Of course this is Noggy’s personal opinion and luckily you can make up your own mind cause you can stream the entire album (for a short period of time) when you click here and when you have finished listening you can click here (eu) & here (us) to purchase ELLE on iTunes.

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