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We have been paying a lot of attention to Marsha Ambrosius but what about her fellow Floetry sistah Natalie Stewart?!

I have got this feeling Natalie Stewart a.k.a the Floacist is doing very well and if she didn’t, she probably will after this video goes viral. In September of 2010 she dropped her first single “Forever of her solo album  The Floacist Presents: Floetic Soul . A ballad that must have melted hearts all over the place.

The second single “Let Me” has the same mellow flow as the first but there is definitely a different approach when it comes to the visuals … and believe me, I am expressing myself mildly here. There is a lot I could say but just check out the video ….

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This song is hot! I’ve always been a fan of Natalie Stewart’s her voice is still beautiful now on to the video. I’m sweeting I can hardly write my comment hot hot hot hot and hot!!! thats all I can say this video is the hottest most sexiest realistic work that ive seen in a long time I love that Natalie was allowed to show her natural body in all its glory I loved the blackness you always see people of lighter colors being portraid as sexy with the long hair and the unatural perkey breast and big old but all over the place, she captured what I consider the essence of the black woman our sensuality,strength,pride, and wormth. Her partner in the video was adonis I could feel the heat between the two of them he was sexy and fine as hell, I also like the way she was able to take control of the situation and take the lead I absolutely love this song and the video has my emotinons running wild,you could not have done a better job, most realistic video I’ve seen between a black woman and a black man bravo excellent job.

Comment by Pat

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