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March 4, 2011, 2:42 am
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Remember “Everything in time”  DJ Center’s debut release I allerted you on a while ago. At the time I was already impressed by the snippets but after hearing the full release I understand why. Every track on this album is a fully finished product. Every beat, groove and bassline is exactly where it’s supposed to be and every song is a potential favourite.

This is why I was surprised to find a remixed version by DJ Spinna of the track “In a Song” in my mailbox. Sceptical, because the original was already finished, I streamed this one. The final verdict is that I have to say that I stand corrected cause Mr. Spinna did a great job. If you dig this as much as I do you can purchase the 12″ at Fatbeats.

DJ Center – In a Song (DJ Spinna Back From The Future Remix) by DJCenter

This is a low-res mp3 version [112kbps] of the limited VINYL ONLY “In a Song” 12″ release. It’s meant as a sample, to give you a taste of the record. To feel the maximum bump, warmth and artwork/packaging, please support the wax

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