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June 26, 2011, 2:18 pm
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Strange Fruit is proud to present Quadron on the 29th of June in Bird. If you are a
frequent Strangefruitmusicblog visitor it is virtually impossible not to know who I’m talking about. But for those of you who are not familiar with the soulful Danish duo … follow my lead.

Quadron is a soulful, experimental duo from Copenhagen, Denmark. Quadron was formed when Robin met Coco, a 16-year-old ingénue influenced by such artists as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and especially Lauryn Hill. Both were part of the soul collective
“Boom Clap Bachelors” who in early 2008 secured much respect and success with their debut “Kort Før Dine Læber”. As the duo started working together, they took their time, slowly forming the lush, groovy sound that encompasses Quadron.

Strangefruitmusicblogs love affair with Quadron began a little while ago with the visuals for “herfra hvor vi star”. Even though this absolutely beautiful song is in Danish, Coco manages to touch your heart with her remarkable voice. It’s basically like one of the remarks a fan made on youtube … “I don’t understand the words …but I do feel them”.

Their selftitled debut is a soulful masterpiece from beginning to end. Quadrons stated goal with the debut is to give the soul scene a vitamin boost and provide an alternative to the american R’n’B that is dominating the charts. They call their music electronic soul, mixing the sound of hand-played instruments with the benefits of today’s computer-related techniques. With an explanation like the aforementioned it’s only natural to be curious about their sound and the album … so we added the full album stream below.

After the album dropped we didn’t think it could happen but our Quadron fascination went up to a whole new level when they launched their video for their Micheal Jackson cover of “Baby be mine” . They managed to make the track one of their own and
that is not an easy task if it’s Mr. Jackson your covering.

If you made it this far … There is no doubt about it  I’ll probably see you at Bird.

 When: Wednesday the 29 of June, 21.00
Where: Bird, Raampoortstraat 29, Rotterdam
Damage: € 12,-

For tickets click here

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