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July 3, 2011, 8:46 pm
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Dammnnn do I love this. Not only because it’s Jesse Boykins III … which is a guarantee you will get eargasms, but because it’s RnB with an electronic twist.

No I’m not talking T-Painish autotune (no disrespect intended) but Jesse Boykins’ sexy voice and slick lyrics over perfectly composed electronic beats that add instead of take away from the tracks. On this 6 track EP there is only one track called “Zoner” that is reminiscent of Mr. Boykins his previous work.

How did this change come about? Jesse Boykins gives fans the following explanation:  After my last release “The Beauty Created” 3years ago, I took some time to truly discover my art, my spirit, my voice, my style, my love for life and its mysteries. That journey has taken me around the world, exposed me to various cultures and people, and enlightened and influenced me along the way. “Way Of A Wayfarer” is me sharing with you those moments and those lessons, in hopes that I can inspire you to share your moments and lessons with the rest of the World. That is the only way, the universal way. Much love & many thanks to SoulCulture, Street Etiquette & Passport Life for taking this journey with me..

Apart from the obvious growth, I can’t help but think that the fact that Gold Panda (wiz at electronic and synthesizer music) did the production helped a teensy weensy bit with the new direction.

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Great EP!

Comment by Paweł Koko

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