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April 15, 2011, 10:15 pm
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As you may have noticed the Strangefruitmusicblog is usually about all that is new. But sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go back just to make sure everybody is up to speed. So here we go.

I thought we’d start with Lamb, an electronic music duo from Manchester, England, whose music is influenced by trip hop and drum and bass. The duo consists of producer Andy Barlow, who also produces under the pseudonym Hipoptimist, and singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes. They were most active in 1996 till about 2004 and during that time Gorecki” and Gabriel” were the two tracks they were known for. I personally thought they were okay, but my absolute favorite track that nobody in my inner circle seems to know about … is most definitely and will always be “B-line” taken from their second album Fear of Fours”.

I’ve missed Lamb over the years and for those of you that share my feelings I’ve got awesome news cause Lamb is currently working on their 5th album that set for release in 2011.