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THEO PARRISH !!! by Noggy
February 4, 2011, 9:28 am
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In case you were not able to be there but you are wondering what went down when Mr. Parrish came to town …. just start streaming …

Next Up Benji B ….

March 21, 2010, 10:01 pm
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Wow what can I say…Rotown was overwhelmed by N’Dambi’s soulpower!! This was without a doubt one of the most energetic and soulful performances I have witnessed this year. But afcourse if you weren’t there you probably want to hear and see what I am talking about….Luckily I can provide you with images  and I think that after you’ve seen the videos…You’ll have no other choice than to agree with me!!

N’Dambi gave us a short interview after the show which will be featured on the Strangefruitmusicblog very soon. But for now we hope you enjoy the video’s.

March 13, 2010, 10:33 pm
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Yep Seiji was here… and he did exactly what I expected him to do. He did an off tha hook very danceable spinning session. If you were able to stand or sit still this particular Friday you probably were not at Club Watt. I’ve seen quite a few DJ’s spin and I was truly impressed by Seiji ability to keep tha crowd movin. It was very obvious everybody present was having a very good time. The only downside to this event was that it wasn’t as crowded as we expected it to be.

But since there is still a lot on the Strange Fruit menu…we hope you guys will support or next event…Ndambi in ROTOWN on the 20th of March!!

Peace out


WAX POETIC AFRICA ISSUE by strangefruitmusic
January 18, 2010, 10:28 pm
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Wow straight from the Website of one of our favorite magazines:

The start of 2010 marks the first time Wax Poetics has devoted an entire issue to modern African music. And it all points back to the first Black President, Fela Kuti, who, with drummer Tony Allen, created an Afrobeat shockwave felt throughout the continent! Purchase now!  And listen to the issue!

Taylor Mc Ferrin was off tha Hook by Noggy
November 23, 2009, 9:20 am
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 Just got home after enjoying a great performance by both  Taylor Mc Ferrin and Pan Africanz. Pour myself a cup of tea while I am figuring out how to put this pleasant musical experience into words. The task is to keep the people who missed out informed and at the same keep the memory alive for those who were smart enough to show up.

To keep you awake while reading I decided to break everything down in rhyme. But since I am not a pro…do not shoot tha messenger but please do enjoy the message!!

On the 22th November Mr. Mc Ferrin was in town 

So tha place to be was naturally Rotown

Lucky Dubz and Thelonious were busy warming up the place

While people were entering and filling up the space

Rotown wasn’t packed but it surely was crowded enough

And warming up this crowd proved to be really tough


Luckily Pan Afrikanz  were in tha house to turn up the heat

Doin there Hip Hop thang to an afrobeat

Turns out their latest CD is out and is called a Brand New Day

And while performing they even gave a few away

Their new material was optimistic, fresh and sounded good

They were amusing and they really got me in tha mood


Taylor Mc Ferrin’s performance was just my cup of tea

He gave the audience exactly what they wanted to see

His sound was hype and I swear tha man has got skill

The things he can do with his troat are absolutely ill

His beats were of tha hook and you could feel his groove

If truth be told you had no other choice but to move

In my opinion his performance was simply amazing

Most of the stuff he did was truly breathtaking


If you were not there I’m truly sorry you missed out

So next time just make sure you are part of tha crowd

In the near future there will be a few other Strange Fruit joints

Next up are Alex Nut, Fatima and Floating Points

Don’t worry I will surely help you all to remember

If you promise to be in Hotel Central on the 12th of December


Peace out…Noggy


Georgia Anne Muldrow – Early by Noggy
November 19, 2009, 11:47 am
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Where do I begin cause there is so much going on on this latest Georgia Anne Muldrow release. But not to worry it’s all good.

Early was released on the 10th of November 2009 and the reason I prefer Nu Soul music to mainstream R&B will be so obvious when you get to listen to this! It contains songs that are at times jazzy, at times funky and at times very soulful but nevertheless seem to all have the same kinda optimistic flow. Maybe it’s because they have the ever heart warming, silky smooth but very clear voice and meaningful lyrics in common.

This very ear flattering release is a must have for those who have not yet had the pleasure to make acquaintance with Georgia’s work. Even though the release is new…the songs were all produced by Mrs Muldrow when she was between the age of 17 to 19 years old. According to some of the texts on the web that must be about ten years ago. Since I have not yet stumbled upon her date of birth I am not certain. Although I think it’s all besides the point, if it’s even remotely accurate it goes to show how timeless her music can be. The best thing about this CD however is that it’s very accessible and uncomplicated compared to some of the stuff she produces nowadays.

If you’re still not convinced are just very eager to know what the hell I am talking about. Just click here and have a full listen. I am almost certain you are going to dig this one.

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Mr. Hawthorne truly delivered by Noggy
November 9, 2009, 7:23 pm
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On Sunday November 8th 2009…Rotown in Rotterdam was most definitely the place to be. Everybody who happened to be there is still buzzin and for those of you who missed out…I have taken upon myself the heavy task of informing you of what you missed out on.

I have to admit I wouldn’t have been there myself if somebody hadn’t told me about Mayor Hawthorne. In most cases I don’t judge a book by it’s cover…but in this case it was quite unexpected that “the nerdy white guy” on the CD cover would slap me around with some Curtis Mayfield and Smokey Robinson inspired soul music. Of course nowadays there are quite a view  retro-soul revivalists like Raphael Saadiq, Amy Winehouse and Jamie Lidell or even Joss Stone. But what makes Mayor Hawthorne stand out from his competitors is that every track he wrote for his latest release  “A strange Arrangement” has such an authentic feel, if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was a CD full of covers from the sixties. Not only did he truly manage to grasp the sixties sound but he was also able to capture the sixties spirit. Every track has exactly the right amount of soul ingredients to have you dismiss any connection to the year 2009.

With all of that being said…I expected a laid back and rather smooth concert with a tranquil atmosphere. Very much like the CD I had been listening to for a while now. But a few minutes before the concert I overheard the sound check and I immediately realized that this was going to be something else. Since I’m midget size the only way for me to see whomever the hell is playing…is to be way in the front. Given that Mayor Hawthorne was completely sold out…I had no choice but to get in early.  Being early has it’s advantages and one of them is that your able to get a sense of the crowd. In this case it was a very diverse one. Let’s just say that everything from nerd to b-boy or girl was represented!! But whatever the flavor everybody had one common ground…Mayor Hawthorne. The other advantage to being early…the truly magnificent funky spinning session with an electronic twist provided by THELONIOUS and LUCKYDUBZ.

After the pleasant warm-up it was time to get started and so it did. Everybody went wild when “The King of Nerds” and company started playing. The laid back, smooth and tranquil atmosphere was there when he sang “I wish it would rain” but for the most part it was a regular up tempo Motown soul festivity. The County proved to be a perfect addition to the Hawthorne sound and when they started teasing the audience by playing a house version of “Just ain’t gonna work out”  then broke it off and decided to do a little metal riff then broke it off again only to hit us up with the reggae version…they went from perfect addition to ultimate necessity!! Of course I should’ve seen all of this coming. Why??… No bona fide nerd accessorizes a three piece grey suit with awesome sneakers. Because of that and his superb sense humor…I’ll have to say I stand corrected the King of Nerds is now officially the King of Cool!!

If for any reason at all you missed out…reading all of this must have hurt. So next time just make sure you’re there!!  

And next time will be 22th of November when Strange Fruit Live Presents Taylor Mc Ferrin.

 Peace out