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Just got home after enjoying a great performance by both  Taylor Mc Ferrin and Pan Africanz. Pour myself a cup of tea while I am figuring out how to put this pleasant musical experience into words. The task is to keep the people who missed out informed and at the same keep the memory alive for those who were smart enough to show up.


To keep you awake while reading I decided to break everything down in rhyme. But since I am not a pro…do not shoot tha messenger but please do enjoy the message!!

On the 22th November Mr. Mc Ferrin was in town 

So tha place to be was naturally Rotown

Lucky Dubz and Thelonious were busy warming up the place

While people were entering and filling up the space

Rotown wasn’t packed but it surely was crowded enough

And warming up this crowd proved to be really tough


Luckily Pan Afrikanz  were in tha house to turn up the heat

Doin there Hip Hop thang to an afrobeat

Turns out their latest CD is out and is called a Brand New Day

And while performing they even gave a few away

Their new material was optimistic, fresh and sounded good

They were amusing and they really got me in tha mood


Taylor Mc Ferrin’s performance was just my cup of tea

He gave the audience exactly what they wanted to see

His sound was hype and I swear tha man has got skill

The things he can do with his troat are absolutely ill

His beats were of tha hook and you could feel his groove

If truth be told you had no other choice but to move

In my opinion his performance was simply amazing

Most of the stuff he did was truly breathtaking


If you were not there I’m truly sorry you missed out

So next time just make sure you are part of tha crowd

In the near future there will be a few other Strange Fruit joints

Next up are Alex Nut, Fatima and Floating Points

Don’t worry I will surely help you all to remember

If you promise to be in Hotel Central on the 12th of December


Peace out…Noggy


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