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September 8, 2011, 7:22 pm
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Hannibal is the founding member of several popular collaborative efforts over the past 5 years including Owusu & Hannibal (Ubiquity Records, 2006), Quadron (Plug Research, 2010) and most recently Boom Clap Bachelors (Plug Research, 2011). His projects have garnered praise from the likes of Pharrell Williams to Adele; from Giles Peterson  (BBC) to the entire team at KCRW.

But while Robin recognizes the benefits of working within cohesive groups and collaborations, he also values expressing his creative freedom through individual efforts.

Enter Bobby, his solo EP which was released digitally only on August 30, 2011 on Plug Research Music. Free to express his ideas fully and completely, Bobby fuses modern, abstract production with classic songwriting. The result is an ambitious leap into the future. (source: Plug Research)