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July 7, 2011, 10:00 pm
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Finally visuals to the Electric Wire Hustle track “Again” and even more good news for hardcore Dutch fans cause Electrice wire Hustle will be playing at Melkweg in Amsterdam on the 15th of July (more info here).



There is only one place to be on the 15th of July and that is Melkweg, Amsterdam. On that particular Friday you’ll be introduced to best New  Zealand’s got to offer when it comes to electronic soul, hiphop & funk.

Even if you are not familiar with any of the artists in this line up … you’ll experience
maximum pleasure at a price I consider to be minimum damage.  Cause everyone from Ladi6 to Electric Wire Hustle will most definitely give you your moneys worth!!

Before you start reading the first thing you should know is that EDI productions presents a FREE DOWNLOAD promo EP for the L!VE FROM NEW ZEALAND party @ the Melkweg, Amsterdam on July 15th. Reason for all this info ? … Because I’ve added a stream to this post and I would suggest you just press play and start streaming while you read this …

Ladi6 feat. Parks & Julien Dyne
A sultry voice with razor sharp wit and a stage show to match, Ladi6 is New Zealand’s leading hip-hop soul artist and in her own right. She is renowned for her energetic live performances, sublime soulful vocals and conscious lyrics. Bringing us soulful hiphopwith a funkin’ reggae edge. Ladi6 just released her 2nd album, The Liberation
Off…. Ladi6 is accompanied by partner dj, musician, producer and singer Parks.​A​0

Julien Dyne is a multi-talented artist – a top New Zealand drummer, producer and
visual artist. Since his selection for the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome in 2004 Julien has been working with international artists and forging his own unique sound as a producer.  Mr. Dyne has a special place in my heart ever since I’ve heard “Layer” which is one the best tracks on his debut Pins and Digits.

Electric Wire Hustle developed their own sound and twist on modern hip-hop psychedelic and soul music. EWH reach while referencing the main points of music past thick drums and percussion layers of synth lines hints of Fender Rhodes and nylon stringed guitar, the neck snapping while the ear tap into his soulful vocals. The aforementioned is taken from one of the countless bio’s on the net and is most definitely tha truth!! But if you happen to be familiar with lead singer Mara TK’s
voice and know that the very talented Benny Tones is their official sound tech you probably already have your ticket.

Producer, Dj and audio engineer, Benny Tones is a talent you have to keep an eye on. Not only because he is part of Electric Wire Hustle but I consider him an artist in his own right. Don’t believe me?! Just get a taste of his latest Chrysalis when you click here.​ytones​=BoSWmH0p6Yg

I’m gonna level with you when it comes to Isaac Aesili. He happens to be on of  New Zealand’s talents I am not familiar with…yet. But after some research on this trumpet player, producer, vocalist and Dj … I know his electronofied Soul/Funk/RnB/Jazz sound is one you should get acquainted with.​=iYxjSsBJryg​=YhxF8gU5snM

Last But not least the Pacific Riders Dj’s plan to shower everybody with contagious basslines, bleeps, rhythms and beats.​​-trip-steppin-session-2/

If you were streaming and you read all this info … you know you want to be there … Right?!

EDI productions & Melkweg Present: L!VE FROM NEW ZEALAND
L!VE: Ladi6 ft. Parks & Julien Dyne, Electric Wire Hustle, Benny Tones, Isaac Aesili, djs Pacific Riders + some nice surprises!
July 15th @ Melkweg (Oude Zaal)
open: 21:00 hrs.
entrance € 15,00 + membership
For Tickets: click here

January 16, 2011, 9:47 pm
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Benny Tones  is a Wellington based producer, DJ and Audio Engineer. He is the official Sound Tech for future soul band Electric Wire Hustle and has also set up his own professional audio engineering facility in Wellington – Organik Muzik Workz.

The single Chrysalis is taken from Benny Tones album “Chrysalis” that will be released on BBE in spring 2011.  For a taste of how hot the album sounds click here and you can have a full pre – listen before you purchase it on iTunes. About Chrysalis in Benny’s own words:

Chrysalis was the last track to be made for the album so has a lot of influences from the sounds I have been listening to lately, a lot more on the futuristic tip. Wanted to put my own spin on the really FX heavy really produced sound but still keep the big spacious floaty vibe. I also worked with a vocalist by the name of Sacha Vee who I had done some work for in the past. She’s a jazz trained vocalist so I wanted to see what happened when I gave her something way out of her musical spectrum. The result was this crazy fusion of styles that came out sounding quite different.

All I know is that it’s hot!!!

July 13, 2010, 9:56 am
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While in London for their session at Deviation, caught up with Electric Wire Hustle and recorded their studio session for their ongoing ‘Rehearsal Rooms’ series. Exclusively performing ‘Waters’ for, Mara, Taay & Myele show us what they’re about and what they do.


July 7, 2010, 1:02 am
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Developing their own sound and twist on modern hip-hop, psychedelic and soul from the South Pacific, the music of Electric Wire Hustle reaches forward while referencing key points of music’s past. Thick drums and percussion layered with synth lines, hints of the Fender Rhodes and nylon stringed guitars have your neck snapping while your ears crane to its soulful vocals.

The aforementioned is the way I would put it, if it wasn’t already written. But since it has been I can only add that they are really that hot. For tracklisting and productdetail of the selftitled debut album click here and you will be refered to the CD Universe website. The album will drop on the July 20th and on top of that they have a European tour scheduled before the album is released. U.S. citizens don’t have to worry they will miss out, EWH plan to schedule a U.S.A. tour shortly after the European one!!

European tourdates are….

7 July – Deviation @ Gramaphone, London, UK
8 July – Jazz Re:Freshed @ Mau Mau, London, UK
9 July – Prater Unser Festival, Vienna, Austria
10 July – LAZY, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
11 July – Maltanska Scena Muzycna, Poznan, Poland
16 July – Bohannon, Berlin, Germany
17 July – Buiten, Scheveningen, The Netherlands
19 July – The Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Watch the video below and find out why you should see Electric Wire Hustle perform!!

Brownswood Bubblers 5 by strangefruitmusic
February 26, 2010, 10:32 pm
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Brownswood number 5 will drop on the 8th of March. I think this compilation goes faster with it’s volumes then lots of other compilations. But the quality control is still there at the Brownswood headquarters. This time it’s a very tasty affair. I think even better than the other volumes. I wasn’t that sure about the volume 4. But with artist such as Ron BasejamElectric Wire HustleNailah and Shafiq Husayn you can t go wrong! 

Expect some already known Worldwide anthems and some new and unknown stuff. To buy this compilation you can click here