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February 16, 2010, 7:51 pm
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Don’t you just love it when creative minds give you a taste of whatever is in there. Well…I know I do!! 

Better yet I think you’re gonna love it as much as I do. Because Mr. Nut dropped some “Z sides” joints for your aural pleasure the other day and let’s just say that it would not be a very wise decision to refuse a token this wonderful!! So if you want to go ‘Nuts’ I suggest you just download the Z sides part 2 folder here and to give you a taste of why you should… just listen and enjoy!

Sweatpants by Alex Nut

9th Wonder Presents – 9th invented the remix again (free download) by Noggy
February 10, 2010, 1:59 pm
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Patrick Douthit (born January 15, 1975 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina), better known as 9th Wonder is a hip hop producer from Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.. He began his career as the main producer for the hip hop group Little Brother, and has also worked with Nas, Mary J. Blige, Jean Grae, Wale, Jay-Z, MURS, Buckshot, and Destiny’s Child. Okay now you know all the facts and the only thing you really needed to know is that  9th Wonder is really good at mixing the old with the new and if this is up your alley your gonna enjoy this… He released this mixtape via Twitter about two days ago so download and enjoy!!


1. Babyface – Grown and Sexy (9th Wonder Please Talk To Me Remix)
2. Memphis Bleek – Be At (9th Wonder Fire Remix)
3. Kanye West feat. Ludacris – Breathe In, Breathe Out (9th Wonder Soul Remix)
4. Goapele – Catch 22 (9th Wonder I’m Stylisticin’ On Ya Remix)
5. Heavy D feat. Diddy – It’s Your Birthday (9th Wonder Let’s Work Remix feat. Diddy)
6. Method Man – Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Babydoll Remix)
7. Method Man – Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Pre-quel Remix)
8. Method Man – Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Rainy Day Remix)
9. Method Man – Method Man and 9th (9th Wonder Smoke Something Remix)
10. Beyonce feat. Donna Summer – Naughty Girl (9th Wonder Hip-Hop Remix)
11. Kanye West feat. Jay-Z – Never Let Me Down (9th Wonder The Real Hip-Hop Remix)
12. Little Brother – Not Enough (More) (9th Wonder STILL Ain’t Enough Remix)
13. Supernatural – Off The Top (9th Wonder Nature Super Remix feat. DJ Babu On De Cuts)
14. Memphis Bleek – R to the O to the C (9th Wonder Creepin’ Through The Hood Remix)
15. Ghostface feat. Jadakiss, Nas and Big L – Run (9th Wonder Remix)
16. Monica feat. Joe Scudda – So Gone (9th Wonder Dedication to the Moon Cuz it’s Black Remix)
17. Twista feat R. Kelly – So Sexy (9th Wonder Change Up Remix)
18. Memphis Bleek – Take a Minute to Breathe (9th Wonder I Can Take It Remix)
19. Common feat. Kanye West and The Last Poets – The Corner (9th Wonder 70’s Pimped Out Willie Hutch Remix)
20. Nas – Thief’s Theme (9th’s Back to Metcalf Remix)
21. Tweet feat. Missy Elliot – Turn Da Lights Off (9th Wonder Oh No You Didn’t Remix)
22. John Legend feat. Renee and Angela – Used To Love You (9th Wonder Playmates Imaging Remix)
23. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Consequence – Wordplay (9th Wonder Lounging Around Remix)

Download the 9th Wonder remix here

Get Ready for Dorian Concept!! by Noggy
January 31, 2010, 8:41 pm
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Dorian Concept a.k.a. Olivier Thomas Johnson is about 25 years old and already has an impressive discography which is described in full in this very detailed article on Since I have nothing more to add (the article is that good)…I can focus on the funstuff !! To get you in tha mood  for February 13th I have a little something for ya’ll.

Dorian Concept had a spinning session in New York not to long ago and Affine Records decided to upload it to Soundcloud and the best part is that I can post it for you down here and …if you press the arrow on the right side of the soundcloud music wave (you know…the small one underneath the info button) you can download this straight to your computer and enjoy Dorian Concept on your Ipod!!

Don’t you just love the WorldWideWeb!!

Kyle Hall Download by Noggy
January 24, 2010, 10:46 am
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Okay I am going to start with something you probably don’t wanna know…Kyle Hall did a spinning session at a club named Fabric in London. Since it’s yesterdays news I actually had to let it go, but I decided to look into it anyway. Luckily I did…because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to refer you to his latest interview on the Fabriclondon website.  But the even better part…I found a very refreshing Kyle Hall mix for you and the best part…if you press the arrow on the right side of the soundcloud music wave (you know…the small one underneath the info button) you can download this straight to your computer!!


FREE DOWNLOAD: Sa-RA Love Czars II featuring JAY ELECTRONICA and TA’RAACH by strangefruitmusic
November 3, 2009, 9:39 pm
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sarafa-450x450Currently on a tour in Europe. Tommorow at Devation in London.