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20 best broken beats tunes by strangefruitmusic
March 10, 2010, 10:42 pm
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A few years ago we at Strange Fruit spend lots of time and money on a genre called broken beat.  If we look back and can choose an era between 2000 and 2010 that shaped us the most then it must be this period. It looked like it all came finally together. Afrobeat, jazz-funk, 2-step, soul & p-funk!. Unfortunately we’ve never been to the Club evening called CO-OP at Plastic People in London which was the center of this movement. Luckily we had the Jazzsole crew in our hometown Rotterdam who brought this amazing sounds to us. We must thank to Umberto en Egbert of the Jazzsole crew for bringing the future to us.

We’ve got the feeling that in years from now a lot off people will be looking for the tunes made guys like 4Hero, Ig Culture, Afronaught, Daz-I-Kue, Marc de Clive Lowe, Domu, Eska, Seiji, Bembe Segue, Viktor Duplaix, Kaidi Tatham and all people that where involved in this. If you wanna go a little bit deeper in this sound then you have to check the article Mr Beatnick did on broken beats for FACT magazine. Of course there s always gonna be a discussion which tunes should be in this top 20 and which tunes don’t belong there. But we are sure that you have to admit that this top 20 consists of great tracks. Click for the full article here.

Erik Lau – Kilawatt featuring Muhsinah and Kaidi Tatham by strangefruitmusic
January 30, 2010, 7:45 pm
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Damn, It s been a while since we heard something from Erik Lau. But what a comeback on this soon the be released EP. If you wanna listen to the songs already then go to the killawattmusic bandsite. Lookig forward to the other artist on this project!

10 february Silhouette Brown release their second album called: two by strangefruitmusic
December 29, 2009, 11:11 pm
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We told you a few weeks ago that there s a new silhouette brown album coming. The 10th of February will be de date.

Silhouette Brown is a super group which consists of Dego (4 Hero) and Kaidi Tatham (Bugz in the Attic). Both are respected musicians, producers in their own way. We at Strange Fruit are getting excited about this second album of Silhouette Brown. The first samples that we ve heard do sound promising. The album is not really aimed at the dancefloor and is more on a headnod tip.  Guest on “Two” include hiphop legend Sadat X, M.D. Akwasie on the boogie anthem Strawberries in Vinegar and ofcourse Bembe Segue. You can click here for some sounds this upcoming album