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DOWNLOAD: Kode9 – You Don’t Wash Dub by strangefruitmusic
June 11, 2010, 1:17 am
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Thanks to Sonic Router:

A busy couple of weeks for Hyperdub boss Kode9 then… he’s just spun together a FACT mix comprised solely of jungle records, he has a label showcase off Sonar next Thursday featuring Cooly G, Darkstar and himself and the release of his DJ KiCKS mix on !K7 is rearing its head later this month. I kind of get the impression he thrives of this kind of a ram out attention schedule and maybe its not just the mandatory ‘mpfree’ most labels seem to be offering up around the release of the album, but google will probably see a heavy increase in Kode related traffic when word gets round that the Dub version of the exclusive track he made for the DJ KiCKS album is available for the price of an email address over at the album’s minisite.

‘You Don’t Wash Dub,’ appears on the mix in this vocal-less format that is up for downloading whilst the single versio – due out early July also on !K7 – features long time Kode collaborator Spaceape on mic duties. Splattered with nuances and a bracing groove ‘You Don’t Wash’ benefits a touch from The Spaceape’s phrases, almost every one is coated by Kode9 in layers of delayed decay, sprawling his deep tones on into the depths; but the dub version loses none of its potency without them. Both versions are a unique insight into the mindset of the producer and given its summertime release date, the vitality and soca flourishes of its drum pattern it seems destined to mark a new territory for dancefloors, providing something light and vehemently danceable for the dark underbelly of bass music.

DOWNLOAD: Kode9 – You Don’t Wash Dub