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August 10, 2011, 3:35 pm
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I could just blog the video, but the back story to this live performance video is way to interesting not to share. When the “official” music video for “Close your Eyes” came out at the of 2010 I thought it was okay and moved on to whatever was next.

Obviously I was not paying attention cause there is a lot more to The Bullits their soon to be released debut “They die by dawn and other short stories”.

The album combines visual & audio elements and basically is the story of Amelia Sparks, an ice-cold murderess awaiting execution on death row. First heard on their  debut single ‘Close Your Eyes’ Sparks character is narrated by Lucy Liu and weaves in and out of the albums tracks revealing her story and the actions that lead to her formidable position.

The events are also played out in real time on The Bullitts Twitter page (!/thebullitts) where Amelia’s diary is serialised in of the moment tweets – it also features an illustrious cast of actors such as Idris Elba who plays detective Saul Emmanuel.

Of course it’s not all gimmick cause this release features some of the worlds most respected and celebrated artists  like Tori Amos, Jay Electronica, Mos Def and Roisin Murphy. Curious? … You are going to have to wait till fall of 2011.

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