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Marsha Ambrosius – “Let Me Go” (Valentines Day Weekend 2010 Track) by Noggy
February 13, 2010, 10:59 pm
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A while a go I reported that Mrs. Ambrosius is working on her solo album. Unfortunately I still don’t have a release date for you, but this maybe even better. The talented Mrs. Ambrosius twitterd a song she recorded especially for Valentine’s Day weekend and she made it available for you to download….I kinda like see if you agree just click on the link below!!

via – Marsha Ambrosius – “Let Me Go” Valentines Day Weekend 2010.

Marsha Ambrosius releases solo CD in 2010 by Noggy
January 17, 2010, 12:03 pm
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After the Floetry split up back in 2007 there was a big hole in my musical heart cause I really missed them for some reason. There was just something about “songtress” Marsha Ambrosius and “floacist” Natalie Stewart and I found myself playing the same old tracks over and over again. Seems like this activity is gonna come to an end pretty soon since Marsha Ambrosius is working on her new CD which is scheduled for release somewhere  in 2010!!

Marsha Ambrosius is currently signed to Dr. Dre’s record label, Aftermath Entertainment, as a solo musician. Eventhough I don’t have a clue what to expect she has the following to say about her latest project…

“I have waited a long time for this, so the last thing I want to do after waiting all these years, is to rush the album and be disappointed. I am aiming to release the album this summer (2010). I am focusing on making this a classic album, that will stay relevant across time. I have been doing some stuff with Scott Storch, Dre & Vidal, Cool and Dre… I’m a music maker, I love to create so I’m reaching for the best out of different situations. The creative relationship between Dre, the Aftermath in-house production team and myself has become so strong that it may not be necessary to use any other producers. But why not?! If I gotta call Just Blaze, Neptunes, Kanye, whoever, I just want the music to be right”.

After reading how much dedication, hard work and love goes into this project don’t you think this one will be worth waiting for?