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SHOW TUFLI – KeepInMindThatImAnArtistAndImSensitiveAboutMySh*t Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Noggy
September 11, 2010, 9:01 am
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DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli – KeepInMindThatImanArtistandImSensitiveaboutMyShit

At the time this post is being written … I’m suffering a lack of caffiene, the sun is barely up and even though my eyes look like there open…they are not really open yet.  This is all caused by the fact that when Badu’s name is mentioned my “blogger” brainpart starts working immediatly and the part that needs breakfast immediatly shuts down. That was untill a few minutes ago atleast….

Because while I’m listening to this very Erykah Badu inspired HipHop mixtape … my, now, not so sleepy head is nodding away and I have no need for the caffiene I lacked just a few minutes ago. Let’s just say the unexpected dope flow woke me up.

So if you are in the mood for some cool bar spitting over the ever soulfull Erykah Badu tunes …feast your ears on this!!