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May 5, 2011, 12:02 pm
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I already did a post on my own blog by the name of MEET TYLER THE CREATOR!!! about of course Tyler the Creator.

So at the risk of sounding lazy I am going to ask you to click on the tittle for more info. At the time I wrote that post I didn’t know if Strangefruitmusicblog readers were ready for this youngster. Now  … I think that ready are not, you need to be in the know cause his new release  Goblin”  is on the way and it will drop in just a few days. Since I take the task of keeping you updated seriously, I figured the info on this blog would be incomplete if Tyler was missing.

At this point I’m still processing “Yonkers” and hope that whatever is on that album is equally fascinating. That video certainly woke everybody up and now everybody is awake I guess there is nothing left for Tyler but to deliver. Tyler doesn’t have to worry about being noticed cause he has the internet going crazy. Tyler the Creator posts are popping up everywhere.

As for the sound, we can hear 30 second snippets on Amazon and one of my favorite music news sources Hypetrak makes sure we can track Tyler every step of the way. Curious? Click here for a full Tyler update.