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January 5, 2012, 1:21 am
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Damnnn what is not to love about Jesse Boykins the III. His never ending creativity brings us the video for “Zoner” from the FreeEp Way of a Wayfarer.

If despite the beautiful visuals and Jesse’s warm soothing voice, like me,  you are still wondering what a “Zoner” is.  Team Boykins offers the following explanation … There is a misconception when one is lost in themselves because society can miss the truth behind it. This video is a pure introduction to Jesse Boykins III’s soul and takes a piece of his mind and displays it for the world be a part of. There is the reality of being alone, but also the desire to lust for something that inspires and assists the creation of beauty, a Zoner.

Can’t help it … now I love him even more …