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The band, his voice, the fans, the Rotown athmosphere…everything was just right and Bilal didn’t leave a heart or an eardrum untouched. I’ve often seen him perform and as far as I know the audience gets his all!! This time was no different. You had to be really def and blind if you were not able to sense that Bilal’s heart, soul and creativity were all over this unforgetabble performance!!

But before Bilal rocked Rotown we had a typical Strange Fruit interview. You know…rowdy in tha background and me asking questions no one can really understand because my voice is kinda soft (working on that!!). Actually I wanted to cut myself out of this interview all together but it made my main man look like a crazy person so instead  I added “translations” in some parts of the interview so people can understand what it is i’m talking about. However we managed to capture the most important thing…Bilal…who turned out to be very honest and open as he discussed his music in a way only real musician can. Just watch…

Like he promised in the interview he was going to do something old, something new and something bootlegged!! He did all of that and than some…so here we go…

I guess the following qualifies as something new…

the something old category was a bit harder since it was hard to choose from all the footage I had but I think you’ll like this…

when Bilal is talking about bootlegged I assume he refers to tracks from “The Love for Sale Album” since it was never officially released and if not he’ll probably let me know but anyways here is something bootlegged…

The following category was never discussed but I’ve added it anyway…it’s called something AWESOME..if you have been visiting the blog often you might have seen it already…all I know is I can’t watch it enough!!

For more Bilal videos click here and you will be reffered to Noggy’s vimeo channel….Enjoy!!

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